Stefan Olsson Arrestad, Storå Rör and Henrik Gyllenhammar, Sandbäckens

Storå Rör in Örebro becomes part of the Sandbäckens Group

​Sandbäckens Group acquires AB Storå Rör operating mainly in the Örebro area.

The company has a turnover of approximately SEK 65 million and has 23 employees. The acquisition is in line with Sandbäckens 5-50-500 strategy: 5 billion in turnover, 50 new companies and 500 million in profit. Sandbäckens plans to grow strongly in the VS and energy solutions segment.

Storå Rör is a profitable family business that started in 1965. Storå is one of Sweden's largest suppliers of heat pumps. The company focuses on the installation and service of heat pumps and has built up a service organization that handles maintenance of heat pumps and plumbing. Storå Rör also specializes in energy solutions, heat recovery and cooling solutions that are installed for industrial and private customers.

- Storå will continue to operate with its strong local brand and good reputation. As part of Sandbäckens, they will also be able to use the advantages and synergies that come with being part of a larger installation group, says Henrik Gyllenhammar, Regional Manager East Sandbäckens.

Sandbäckens enables Storå Rör to continue its operations as an independent and business-driven subsidiary with Stefan Olsson Arrestad as CEO.

- We believe that Sandbäckens is the best owner to secure AB Storå Rör's future and development, says Stefan Olsson Arrestad, CEO Storå Rör.

Sandbäcken's acquisition of Storå Rör is expected to be completed in February 2024.