Sandbäckens reaches an important milestone - passes SEK 3 billion

Sandbäckens, part of the Nimlas Group, continues to grow according to the 5-50-500 growth strategy: SEK 5 billion in turnover, 50 new companies and SEK 500 million in profit. Sandbäckens has now passed SEK 3 billion in pro forma turnover. Since the turn of the year, 7 companies have been acquired and 1 company has been started, and together these have contributed with good profitability and turnover to the group's goals.

-           I am proud of our development and that we now pass 3 billion. We are on a fantastic journey, and I am very pleased with all the employees who contribute to Sandbäckens becoming the next big success in the installation industry, says Christoffer Järkeborn, Group CEO Sandbäckens and Deputy CEO Nimlas Group.

Christopher continues:

-          Furthermore, I am proud of all our companies that manage to grow, increase the share of service and that we also have a good order backlog despite a tough market situation.

Sandbäckens is a group that delivers installations for the future. We have more than 1,500 employees in more than 50 companies within VS, electricity, ventilation, automation, fire safety, cooling and more. We are from Malmö in the south to Luleå in the north.

Sandbäckens plans to grow strongly in all disciplines in the coming years: 1 billion in electricity, 3 billion in VS and another 1 billion in cooling, ventilation and fire protection/sprinklers. 

-           We are always interested to meet new companies that want to grow and develop their operations with us. Together we are creating one of the Nordics' foremost installation groups, says Christoffer Järkeborn.

Christoffer goes on to say:

-           We have an autumn to look forward to with more exciting acquisitions and news