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Setting the standard for technical installation services

A platform on which local companies can develop and thrive

The market for installations and related services is highly fragmented and specialised. Demand for the relevant skills is enormous, especially with their key importance to the green transition underway in the Nordic region. Increasing calls for innovative , future-proof installations are driven by the long-term trend towards sustainability and by more cyclical needs for energy-efficient solutions.

Our vision for Nimlas is ambitious – to become the region’s most profitable and sustainable installation group - but it is also realistic. With the right ownership structure, culture, and incentives and a clearly focused strategy , we are in a strong position to reach our goals.  

KLAR Partners is the group’s majority owner.

Combined strategy

We have identified four key areas on which to focus


Operational excellence

Business development


Nimlas Leadership Team

Mikael Matts

Group CEO 

  • Since 2021
  • Previous experience at Skanska and JM

Terje Myhre

CEO of Norway

  • Since 2020
  • Previously similar managing positions at Kitron and Saferoad

Tiina Koppinen

CEO of Finland

  • Since 2024
  • Previous experience Executive Vice President at Skanska Oy

Christoffer Järkeborn

CEO of Sweden
Deputy Group CEO

  • Since 2022
  • Previous experience at Skanska

Marcus Holmberg

Group CFO

  • Since 2024
  • Previous experience at Outdoor Property Group, Real Alliance, Catella AB, Haldex AB

Board of Directors

Johan Karlström


  • Former President and CEO of Skanska
  • Held various leadership roles for Skanska in Europe and USA

Ilkka Tykkyläinen

Board member

  • CEO of Pohjolan Voima
  • Held various leadership roles for Efora (part of Stora Enso) and ABB

Mikael Hägg

Board member

  • Former CFO of NVS
    Installation/Imtech (now part of Assemblin) and Capital Safety Group

Fredrik Brynildsen

Board member

  • Investment Professional at KLAR Partners
  • Previously at Triton and Citigroup

Felix Abercron

Board member

  • Investment Professional at KLAR Partners
  • Previously at Bain Capital and BCG

Pernilla Walfridsson

Board member
Chair of the Audit Committee

  • CFO at Clas Ohlson
  • Previously CFO roles at Nobina AB and Byggmax AB
"Our vision is to become the leading technical installation services company in the Nordics."

We are the Nimlas Group

Nimlas provides services across the full range of technical disciplines from heating & sanitation, electricity, ventilation, automation, fire safety, cooling/refrigeration, and related services.

Our office

Nimlas Group AB

Rosenborgsgatan 12,
169 74, Solna, Sweden

Contact us

Email: info@nimlasgroup.com

VAT reg.no: 559291-7982

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