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Creating  a better world through sustainable installations

Nimlas provides innovative and energy-efficient solutions in seven technical areas

Our  disciplines cover heating and sanitation, electricity, ventilation, automation, fire safety, and cooling/refrigeration, plus related areas such as planning/design and energy optimisation. 

We have experience of installations in all types of constructions, from  private homes to public buildings,  offices and hospitals to schools and industrial structures.

Core technical diciplines

Heating & Sanitation

• We install and service heating and sanitation systems. 

• We consult, construct, install, and maintain water supply and sewage systems. 

• We service  systems using gases for healthcare and industrial applications


• We design, install, and maintain  electricity distribution and antenna systems, as well as  IT and telecom networks.

• Example installations include electrical wiring and transformer stations.

• We install EV charging stations


• We focus on installing and servicing ventilation systems.

• Other services include the  construction of central gas storage, leakage control services, and solutions for laboratories.


• We provide steering and monitoring for heating, water, and  ventilation systems, as well as access control.

• In every case, the aim is to increase equipment’s energy efficiency and longevity. 

• Our automation services are complementary, and add value, to our other  disciplines.

Fire Safety

• Our experience is extensive,  ranging from sprinkler, water mist, and gas extinguisher systems to fire alarms.

• We take overall responsibility for the entire project, from consultation and design to construction, installation, and maintenance. 

• We work actively with training and education to ensure the most effective results.


• We install refrigeration and cooling systems for commercial and industrial applications amongst others.


• Our other services include the installation and service of security systems.

• We act as technical consultants for planning and design in all our core disciplines.

"... servicing all technical disciplines from initial consultation to maintenance of installed systems"

We are the Nimlas Group

Nimlas provides services across the full range of technical disciplines from heating & sanitation, electricity, ventilation, automation, fire safety, cooling/refrigeration, and related services.

Our office

Nimlas Group AB

Rosenborgsgatan 12,
169 74, Solna, Sweden

Contact us

Email: info@nimlasgroup.com

VAT reg.no: 559291-7982

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