QMG strengthens its position in Southeast Finland by acquiring HVAC service company

Installation and technical property service group QMG, part of Nimlas Group, reinforces its position in the Southern Savonia area as JP Yhtiöt Oy expands its service offering from HVAC contracting to maintenance. Through the acquisition, the entrepreneur of Asennus Kakriainen Oy, which provides HVAC maintenance and repair services, returns to the team. The acquisition will have no impact on customer projects, which will continue as usual.

Established in 1973, JP Yhtiöt Oy is known for its high-quality operations and skilled personnel in the Mikkeli economic area. As the oldest HVAC operator in the region, it employs 24 building services professionals and had a turnover of approximately 6.5 million euros in 2023. Now, the team will be joined by Joonas Kakriainen, whose company Asennus Kakriainen Oy, founded in 2021, achieved a turnover of around 400,000 euros last year.

"We aim to expand our service offering from HVAC contracting to maintenance and repair services, in which Asennus Kakriainen Oy has quickly built a satisfied customer base. Joonas's expertise and networks complement our operations excellently. We have been keenly following Joonas's journey as a successful entrepreneur and are very pleased to welcome him back to our team," says JP Yhtiöt Oy’s CEO Jukka Huoponen.

Joonas Kakriainen founded his company after working for several years at JP Yhtiöt Oy in various HVAC installer and lead installer roles. In three years, Asennus Kakriainen Oy has established a solid position in the Mikkeli region, with a customer base comprising property management companies, housing associations, and construction firms.

"During my years as an entrepreneur, we have closely collaborated with JP Yhtiöt and supported each other along the way. Now, the demand for professional and flexible HVAC maintenance services has grown so much that I gladly take the skilled installers of JP Yhtiöt on board. Returning to the company feels like coming home, bringing my service expertise with me," says Joonas Kakriainen.

Joonas Kakriainen will become a shareholder in QMG's parent company, Nimlas Group.

QMG’s local companies meet the demand for maintenance and energy efficiency services

JP Yhtiöt Oy has so far focused on HVAC contracting for the public sector and small industries. Going forward, the company will be a strong full-service HVAC provider in Southern Savonia, able to meet its customers' needs more comprehensively. Joonas Kakriainen will take charge of the service business and continue as a trusted expert for his established customers.

QMG's local companies' customers are increasingly interested in services that promote energy efficiency, which has also been noticed at JP Yhtiöt in Southern Savonia. The company is currently involved in projects seeking significant energy savings for its customers.

"The energy efficiency expertise within the QMG Group, combined with the implementation by familiar local professionals, is an approach that increasingly appeals to our customers. Our energy efficiency services support our customers not only in cost savings but also in sustainability", says Mikko Sahikallio, Business Director at QMG.

QMG is rapidly expanding its service business. Recently, the group added Rauno Saari Oy, named HVAC Contractor of the Year, and Paloilmoitinhuolto Jukka Pohjola Oy to its ranks.

In Southern Savonia, the group also includes Mikkelin Sähköasennus Oy, which focuses on electrical contracting and design, and Espit Oy, which provides HVAC contracting and maintenance services in Puumala.

For further information:
Jukka Huoponen, CEO, JP Yhtiöt Oy, +358 40 732 2596, jukka.huoponen@jp-yhtiot.fi
Joonas Kakriainen, Service Manager – Services and Small Contracts, JP Yhtiöt Oy, +358 44 371 4119, joonas.kakriainen@jp-yhtiot.fi
Mikko Sahikallio, Business Director, QMG, +358 50 477 0707,

JP Yhtiöt Oy
Founded in 1973, JP Yhtiöt offers HVAC contracting in the Southern Savonia area for housing associations, commercial properties, industries, and public sector properties. The company has special expertise in, among other things, contracting for the food industry and hospital properties. In 2023, JP Yhtiöt Oy had a turnover of 6.5 million euros and employed 24 people. www.jp-yhtiot.fi

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QMG is one of Finland’s largest installation companies delivering projects and maintenance services nationwide. QMG’s range of services covers all aspects of technical installations. The group includes 49 subsidiaries across the country. In 2023, QMG’s turnover was EUR 270.1 million (pro forma). The group employs more than 1,500 professionals.

QMG, Swedish Sandbäckens and Norwegian Konstel form the Nordic Nimlas Group. The main owner of Nimlas is private equity company KLAR Partners. In addition, there are more than 500 personnel members in Nimlas Group’s ownership program. For more information, please check www.qmg.fi

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